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So cool..
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A statue of the virgin Mary is reportedly shedding tears of blood in Ghaziabad, a satellite town of Delhi, and if reports are true, then the Virgin Mary’s blood group is B positive
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Roots fighting with bricks
Photo credit: Vincent Guyaux
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Coffin Torture
The Coffin was a type of torture developed in the Middle Ages. In it, the victim was placed inside a metal human-shaped frame. This frame was often made too small to increase discomfort. The time spent inside of the “coffin” was determined by the crime for which the person had been convicted. For example, if the person was a blasphemer, he or she would die in the coffin. Sometimes, depending on the crime, the offender would be displayed in public view inside the coffin. This could sometimes result in death due to the crowd of people that often gathered by the coffin.
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